Calvin Klein Creative Director Kevin Carrigan described the resurgence of sportswear on fall runways and streets alike as having an "urban feel." Kanye made that fateful claim about leather jogging pants. And suddenly even the most clueless of your homies' girlfriends started accumulating an Air Max collection around August that rivaled yours of six years.

Fall saw one of the most palpable returns of comfy boy style in years, and it seems Toronto-based brand House of Blanks intends to keep that trend moving into winter. Perfect timing: this collection of french terry and smooth fleece goods can bring a pair of tailored slacks back down to earth, or poke out of the collar of a peacoat - just a hint of French terry. The minimalist feel of such designs and fabrics makes House of Blanks' line a solid investment. Prices aren't anything to sneeze at, either. 

Take a look at some of the ensembles above, and see more at the House of Blanks website.


[via House of Blanks]