What are your plans tomorrow night? You know what? It doesn't even matter because you won't remember anyway. It's ok. Let's assume you'll own your hometown and make some bad decisions. You'll rekindle something with the girl from AP Bio who magically blossomed after 3 years out of state, but statically held onto her North Face Denali for Thanksgiving Eve reunions. She'll bet on nostalgia. And It'll work. You'll saunter up and offer a round of Jager bombs. She'll oblige. You'll note her jacket. Rather than be crass and say shit about VF, you'll just casual drop some knowledge about how North Face was founded in Berkley and how awesome it would have been to be there in the '70s. She'll giggle and be like, "Yeah, sure. Wanna go burn one?"

Quickly you're outside the bar. She's got a cool Zippo and a tightly-rolled spliff—a semester in Spain made her partial to tobacco—and the fleece keeps her warm. You're warmed by the idea that your status as a high school hero is going to land you some tail.

Next thing you know, you're nursing a hangover and squinting at a series of texts from the guys you used to hang with, but didn't really cross over into your cool, new life. Being home is a great equalizer. It also makes you recall the perils of stepping out of the bounds of a carefully curated set of circumstances. A drink will help. It does. You'll casually flip through Twitter on the off chance of catching a decent Black Friday sale.

Concepts will release the Back to Berkeley Boot tomorrow, 10am in store, 12pm EST online.