A little while back, WWD reported that Grano Retail Holdings—which I’m assuming is, like, some shady conglomerate of millionaires and dudes who call venture capital “VC” and are super disappointed in their sons who went to Brown instead of Dartmouth—recently finalized its acquisition of Hickey Freeman, including its storied factory. All this is cool because Hickey Freeman is a true American brand and like any cool American brand, it’s even cooler now that it’s owned by a foreign investment firm! In this case, I believe Grano is headquartered in Toronto. WAIT. FUCK. A CANADIAN INVESTMENT FIRM OWNS HICKEY FREEMAN? Apparently, they must not have Google in Canada because Grano just announced that they will focus on a new in-house brand that will have a “…younger product that will be shorter, tighter and cooler.” This new sub-label will have its own name, will retail for less than $1,000 and be produced either under license or in-house. The name is still up in the air, but will include the word "Hickey" or "Freeman". Anyone else just catch a serious case of deja vu? UM, WHAT ABOUT HICKEY, GRANO RETAIL HOLDINGS? YOU KNOW, THE OG IN-HOUSE LINE THAT AARON LEVINE DESIGNED? THAT SHIT WAS ILL AS FUCK AND STILL DIDN’T SURVIVE. I guess we’re gonna do this whole thing again, huh? I still kinda regret not robocopping some of the OG Hickey gear back in the day. This new Hickey Freeman kid is gonna have to really be impressive—he's got a lot to live up to. Hickey was such a great line and set the bar pretty high. It’s like when your first dog was amazing and was already house trained and crazy loyal and sweet and adorable. And after he dies, you wait a few years or so and then you get a new dog and that dog is a complete fucking disgrace.