In an age where craftsmanship can go unnoticed or forgotten in the wash of the internet’s massive spread and at-you-fingertips tools, watching a traditional master artist at work is both mesmerizing and inspiring—particularly when that artist is self-taught.

That’s only in part what makes these demonstrations of hand-lettering techniques by Glen Weisgerber so fascinating. The other part is just pure execution and the skill on display. Granted, Weisgerber is an extremely experienced text painter; he’s been doing the lettering on racecars, guitars, and anything else that needs pin striping since the ‘70s. That doesn’t make it any less awesome to see in action. 

Airbrush Action Magazine filmed the clip above, and the two below, earlier this year by—yet there’s no airbrushing here. Don’t forget Weisgerber’s greatest nugget of wisdom: “One brush can probably do three or four different letter sizes if you palette correctly.” That’s cool as hell advice, Glen. Thanks.

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[via This Is Colossal]