16 hours ago (to be exact), on the heels of last week's CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund victory, Public School announced via their Instagram that they have begun working on a collaboration with J.Crew. Ok, so, first of all, the fuck? J.Crew, the mecca of chambray shirts and middle America Americana, seems like the last retailer a minimal, all monochromatic everything, downtown cool guy fashion label like Public School would get in bed with. So, while J.Crew is in fact one of the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund's largest corporate underwriters and a team up with them is part of the prize, unless they got down with #teamleather, #teamtightsandshorts and #teamdropcrotch overnight, we're not exactly sure what the hell is going to happen here. Then again, aren't we always bitching that some collaborations are too boring and obvious? Shouldn't we crave next level collaborations to be the convergence of two unique points of view? In that case, this particular one is shaping up to be the most exciting partnership in forever. We'll let you know more as soon as we can.