This Hateful Act of Vandalism on a Gap Ad Actually Has a Happy Ending

This Hateful Act of Vandalism on a Gap Ad Actually Has a Happy EndingImage via TheMuslimGuy on Twitter

Recently, an ad from Gap's new #MakeLove campaign featuring Sikh actor and jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia was defaced with hateful messages. The ad, featuring the hashtag #MakeLove, was changed to #MakeLoveBombs with an additional phrase "Please stop driving taxis!" written underneath. Gap's logo was also altered to "CRGAP."

While this bit of news might just make you shake your head and move on, Gap took a step that is pretty unorthodox for a giant corporation, and it might just make you have hope for fellow mankind.

Senior editor of The Islamic Monthly Arsalan Iftikhar posted the hateful grafitti on his Twitter and Facebook. Amazingly, he received a fairly quick reply from Gap asking for the location of the ad. In a heartwarming gesture, Gap changed their Twitter header photo to the original photograph, which reached more than 300,000+ followers and received an outpouring of appreciation and gratitude. In response, the Sikh community have created a "Thank you, Gap!" Facebook page to show their thanks for unyielding support and a sense of solidarity that Gap has contributed in the face of animosity and negativity.

Nice move, Gap. 

[via The Huffington Post]

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