When Marcelo Burlon visited the Complex offices in September, he told us about his collaboration with LeBron James, how he became homies with Pusha T, and the "techno-folk" style his label County of Milan embraces. He also told us about the ridiculous amount of bootleg product out there that ripped off his designs, which at first was described as so far-reaching that it seemed kind of impossible.

Then Marcelo started flipping through the screenshots on his phone that he had taken of bootleg County of Milan that he had found on Instagram. Some were remarkably adept copies of his work; Others were incredibly shitty attempts at recreating his label's graphics and art. But no matter what the quality was, there was a shitload, and the best part was that Marcelo was commenting on the photos telling people to stop biting his shit. If you want to see how "inspired" these people were, then check out An Incredible Amount of Fake Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Collected by Marcelo Burlon.