Whoa, New Zealand is out here making hunting boots apparently? I just thought they made hobbits there. Clearly, I have zero idea of what regular life in New Zealand is like. I know in Australia it’s all koalas with chlamydia and duck billed platypuses and shit, but what is New Zealand like? I’d like to say one day I’ll get there, but I won’t. Instead, I spend money on boots made in New Zealand and call it a day. These joints are like sand suede Timbs with a crepe sole. So, not like Timbs at all, but sand suede boots are dope as fuck. That is a fact said with great conviction by a guy who owns, like, three pairs of sand suede boots. I’M LIKE DAME DASH IN HIS CRIBS EPISODE POPPING TAGS. EXCEPT NOT REALLY BECAUSE DESPITE THE FACT THAT HE WAS SUPER RICH AT THE TIME, DAME DASH’S CRIBS EPISODE FELT LIKE THE THIRSTIEST THING I’D EVER SEEN. One time somebody tweeted that they saw Dame at the bodega with a mediocre white girl and that was my favorite tweet of all time.