Haven't heard of Cotton Love just yet? That's okay, the UK-based brand did just release its debut collection. But you may want to take note—especially if you're a minimalist. 

Founded by Nigel and Ruth, the brand is all about clean, simple, and refined designs. It's inspired by 90s minimalism, eastern silhouettes, and antique workwear. There are four menswear staples, and five womenswear, in the inaugural fall/winter 2013 collection. For men, there's a cotton twill over-shirt, which you can also wear as a jacket, as well as a collarless shirt, four pocket chinos, and trousers. You can easily mix and match any of these, and still look like you've got more than just four pieces. 

As of right now, Cotton Love's items are available only on a pre-order basis through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for creative projects, until Dec. 6. If you like what you see pledge to back Cotton Love on kickstarter.com now. If the project reaches its goal of roughly $32,000 by the deadline, production will move forward. If not, though, then it may be nearly impossible for you to get your hands on these designs. Don't sleep.