A few days from now, Topman and British menswear brand Sibling will release a knitwear collection for the holiday season. If you haven't seen them yet, the partnership has churned out sweaters, turtlenecks, and accessories that you will want to wear to those upcoming Christmas parties. Skulls with reindeer antlers, fairisle prints, and stripes? Damn right

Before these sick sweaters drop online this Friday, and before mobs grab every item from Topman stores on Dec. 10, we took the liberty of asking Cozette McCreery of Sibling a few questions about the collab. During the conversation, she also talked to us about the importance of knits to a man's wardrobe and what we can expect from Sibling next season. Read on for a closer look at the new project and more. 

Interview by Matthew Henson.

How excited are you to be doing a collaboration with Topman?
As excited as a kid getting a new puppy on Christmas day! No really, it's been great and in a small way it is an early Christmas present to our very loyal supporters. Especially those who are perhaps younger or a little less cash-rich. We have a very big teen following on social media, so hopefully they've been good this year and can ask Santa for a scarf if not a jumper. Working with Topman, who have supported us through the Newgen program pretty much from the start, wasn't something we had to think very hard about when Gordon Richardson asked us straight after our LCM SS14 show. OK we admit to being a bit, erm, MERRY (to quote the jumper) but we were very excited!

What are some of the ideas that you directly take from the catwalk and can translate into this more accessible collection?
The entire offering was designed with our own archive as the mood board so we ticked our signature boxes: exclusive fair isles, embroidery, colour, mixing patterns, the full look of jumper, scarf, hat. You know, that kind of thing. 

You've single-handedly brought the knit back by doing really innovative and daring things. What do you think the importance of knits are to a man's wardrobe?
Well a big thank you for that! We do like to think that we have pushed the renaissance in knit. It's not an easy medium to work in and it really is specialised. I mean think about it, it's a thread or threads made into garments. Often finished or at least shaped or part finished garments. It's rare to do that with tailoring where you cut fabric and sew. With knit you are even making the fabric. 

Knits are becoming increasingly important, for which our business is very thankful for. Knitwear is just so easy—you can sling them on like you would a T shirt. Wear a patten, add a motif, throw a bright scarf over a dark coat. Plus using wool, wool mixes, and merinos you have a garment which can be fine, light or heavy and super warm. 

What is the one piece from this collection that everyone should own?
Ah ha, thats a difficult one as they all resonate with us and also with what Sibling is about. Personal favourite is the MERRY mentioned above, which is based on fair ground imagery from SS11 but it wouldn't be Sibling without fair isle. Oh and then there's the Antler Skull; Our first collections were very skull-heavy. Sorry, I actually can't choose!

Tell us what we can expect to see on the catwalk in January, is there a little teaser you can share of what we will see?
You'll see fab boys in great knits. No I'm not sharing anything. Sid and Joe will tell you that I won't even share pudding.