At the end of the day, I fucking love Monocle. I fucking love the editorials set in Kuala Lumpur, the exorbitant product recommendations and how the magazine self-immolates if brought into any class other than "First", "Premium" or "Business". I also fucking love their range of products that are really just physical manifestations of a flex like this clock radio. REMEMBER CLOCK RADIOS? Well, Monocle wants you to spend $458 on one. I could never buy something like this because I would never use the alarm function. Or the radio function. And if I did use the alarm, I’d probably smash this thing to pieces by mistake when it went off. See, I rely on my circadian rhythms to wake me up in the morning AND THAT SHIT WORKS EVERY SINGLE TIME. Just ask my editor about my amazing skillz at getting shit done. Word to Monocle for making a clock radio that is as expensive as an iPad, but doesn’t even receive AM transmissions. Evidently, that's what poor people listen to.