There are some things we think we’ll never see in the light of day—ghosts, vampires, and strip clubs.  Thanks to New York photographer Christopher Sturman, however, strip clubs are coming off that list.

Strip clubs are bastions of debauchery, sticky with cheap liquor and desperation. The lights are always low, so patrons may gaze with ease at illuminated dancers on gleaming poles. But what happens with the lights go on?  In a series called “NYC Strip,” Sturman captures these scandalous venues when they are most vulnerable—when they are empty. Devoid of crowds and entertainment, these clubs lose some of their wretchedness, and some of their allure. Sturman’s work focuses on two New York clubs, Rick’s Cabaret and New York City’s Privilege. Some of his work has, atply, appeared in 125 Magazine’s naked issue.

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