Needles is one of those brands everyone pretends to like because all the really cool people know that it’s the shit. I don’t know a blogger worth their Klout score that doesn’t at least give Needles the ol’ “I could never wear it, but I do appreciate it, ya know?” line. And these climbing pants are a perfect example of Needles’ appeal. They are fucking crazy. Who needs bonded fleece pants in a herringbone weave? No one. But I still want them. Tapered, heavy fabric trousers are decidedly the new look, guys. No one but BEAMS and Nepenthes employees look cool in them, but we’re all gonna try, just like we did with noragis. Shoutout to these and all the other pants that have the same buckles as the baby seat in grocery carts. If do you have kids, be at least 2% cool and let them ride where you load in your groceries.