The Woodlands just came out with some great in-house camp caps. Featuring waxed canvas bodies and suede brims, these hats are perfect for those things called Fall and Winter. I am particularly focused on keeping my head dry because I have zero hair follicles. Sometimes when I think about evolution and shit, I realize I wouldn't be here if mother nature had taken its course. Not because I’m bald—that shit might come in handy in a world without scissors and combs—but because I’m blind as fuck. Seriously, we’d be out in the forest together, foraging for berries and shit, and I’d be like “Ayo, is that a big rock or a bear? I can’t tell. I’m just gonna get a little closer…” and then ya boy's fucking dead. And that's why technological innovations like using waxed canvas and suede to cover the top of our heads is so important.