In a world where phone booths are needed less and less, as more people depend on cellular devices, the French artist Benedetto Bufalino and designer Benoit Deseille found a new use for the outdated technology. The pair has worked for the last six years around the world to turn the now-useless phone booths into brightly lit aquariums full of tropical fish. The result is a dream-like bauble on the surface of the city, a retooliong of a lost relic.

The first phone booth aquarium was created in 2007, in Lyon, France, for the city’s festival of lights. Subsequently, the duo installed aquariums in Biarritz, France and Port Louis, Mauritius in 2009, and in Gent, Belgium in 2011. Another aquarium will be installed for the Lumiere Festival in Durham, UK between November 14 and 17.

Check out more of Bufalino and Deseille’s work on their websites and a video of the pieces below.

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[via Designboom]