Logos are a surefire way to connect an image with a brand - guarantee you won't be able to look at a red target, an orange shell, or a green mermaid without thinking of Target, Shell or Starbucks. But there's also a subtle art to ascribing a certain print to a label - not the way Louis Vuitton took an LV pattern and made it their own, no, not that obvious. BAPE has coined and trademarked that art, with its distinctive camouflage - a wavy, brown, green and tan (and sometimes blue and pink and orange) cartoonish print that looks like droplets of ink leaking from a fountain pen. And true to form, the Tokyo-based brand has released a pair of 1st Camo BDU pants, along with its New Era collab effort bearing the iconic pattern.

The 100% cotton pants feature six pockets, and panels you can only really see up close along the thigh. The New Era x Bape cap is a snapback with all-over camo and both the companies' logos on the front and side. Cop the pants for $350 and the hat for $89 on the BAPE website. 


[via BAPE]