Elusive, brilliant, mysterious, anonymous—these all adjectives used to describe Bansky over the years. The legend of the Bristol-born artist has grown to a mythical height, with stories of his identity and origins being spun into incredible fantasies. The modern day Batman set his sights on New York last month for a 31-day tour of Gotham City and its neighboring boroughs, an artist's residency called "Better Out Than In" where Banksy put up a piece a day. The daily installations touched upon a variety of topics, including graffiti laws, war, religion, animal slaughtering, and hope. Banksy’s work had reached great heights long before his latest visit to the Big Apple, however.

We decided to wrap up the Bristol artist’s month-long tour with a list of The 50 Greatest Banksy Works of All Time. Whether you enjoy his works, envy his ideas, disapprove of his motives, or admire his style, these 50 works are Banksy’s greatest pieces to date by our standards.

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