Alpha Industries, known for their Air Force military-inspired garments, is collaborating with denim enthusiasts Lee to create a very special Storm Rider Jacket. 

The jacket is for an upcoming partnership between Japanese brand and retailer Monkey Time by Beauty & Youth United Arrows in Shinjuku, Tokyo, a store known for stocking very contemporary pieces in both casual and formalwear. The jacket features a clashing of what the two partners do best.

Denim from Lee makes up the torso of the jacket, and includes all the details of a vintage western jacket in a deep dyed black with aluminum fasteners and ergonomic side pockets. Meanwhile, the sleeves are taken care of by Alpha Industries, and include a nylon outer, elastic heavy-duty cuffs and the oh-so-fresh flight hang tag. The special item will be on sale alongside other merchandise from November 7 to November 18 exclusively at the Shinjuku branch. No word yet on international availability, but fingers crossed.

[via Beauty & Youth United Arrows]