NY staple brand and premium boutique ALIFE showcases their new holiday collection with legendary NYC graffiti artist Cope2.

For its holiday collection, ALIFE channeled Cope2's talents into their line with beautifully crafted tees and a crewneck sweatshirt for the colder nights. Alongside the dope basics, the collection includes lots of well thought-out T-shirts and outerwear pieces too, with graphic intensive designs both colorful and monotone. Also, don't forget to cop a few knit caps to go with that slick ALIFE KILLS hoodie, which will surely be a hit.

Cope2 found his calling in the late 70's, tagging his name all over the South Bronx. As his reputation and infamy grew, so did his success. Rrecently he's been commissioned by the likes of Time, Converse, and Adidas, produced art for Derek Jeter and Steiner Sports, and even worked with Grand Theft Auto IV. 

The collection drops real soon, so keep your eyes out for updates on availability over at ALIFE online.