Everyone has a pair of Chuck Taylors. It is important for you, reader, to remind friends and family that you are not everyone. You don't grab struggle canvas crepes at the mall and call it a day. You use a proxy. You employ a certain subtlety when quietly outdoing your peers.

Japanese streetwear brands doesn't always employ subtlety, but when they do the results are more than palatable. Working on classic Converse silhouettes—the Chuck Taylor and the Purcell high (admittedly, these are the reserve of slouch beanie wearing bros who think Coffee Bean is terrific)—NEIGHBORHOOD adds luxury to the ubiquitous. The Chuck Taylor is '70s style, meaning it fits fucking awesome. It's also prepared in a royal blue suede. ROYAL BLUE SUEDE. Feel good when you come into the dance, because Zed Bias would approve.

The NEIGHBORHOOD for Converse collection will be on sale at retailers like Union starting Friday. Don't bat an eyelid at the $120 ticket price.