Young and Lazy is a South African brand that is daring everybody to take a style risk next year. The brand's lookbook for spring/summer 2014 is chock-full of challenging and dope pieces, which can be rocked with aplomb if you're prepared to embrace your wild side.

The best thing about Young and Lazy is that the brand isn't just chasing trends, but instead is improving upon familiar aesthetics. There's a ton color and floral prints in the brand's latest collection, but it's used to amplify baseball jerseys, bomber jackets, denim jackets, and colorblocked crewneck knits. All of the collection is easy on the eyes, though. The silhouettes aren't jarring, the drapey garments flow with ease, and there are monochrome white outfits to balance everything out. 

If you're looking to shut the block down or just wear athletic gear that doesn't make you look like a jock, this is a good place to start. This collection contains all elements for you to stay a step ahead of everyone else that's stuck on the same labels, trying to convince themselves they don't look like everyone else.

[via Fucking Young]