Nemen made this Argo jacket exclusively for Norse Projects. I was gonna pretend like I had heard of Nemen before, but I like to think our relationship is way past false pretenses at this point. So, let's get into it then, shall we? Nemen is an Italian brand that makes really nice, really expensive jackets, naturally. How expensive you ask? Let’s just say that this jacket has a price that will be extremely hard to rationalize. But let me help you. Not only does it have a double garment dyed, quilted down liner that is removable and can be worn on its own, the liner itself has a removable hood. The shell’s hood even has a metal wire that allows you to shape the hood to fit your dumb head in as flattering a way as possible. I mean, if you weren’t sold at "removable liner" I don’t know if you were ever in the market for an expensive Italian-made parka in the first place.