If there’s one thing we love about VFiles—other than the dope clothes they stock—it's that they love to put people on the map. Earlier this year the retailer picked out a few unknown designers via crowdsourcing to present at NYFW. And now it’s on another mission to do it again. The retailer is accepting all submissions for its VFILES MADE FASHION 2 show, taking place in February, 2014 during NYFW.

If you have some great ideas stored away in your moleskin notepad, it's time to bring them to light. The fashion industry is already one hard place to break into, so why not take this chance to align yourself alongside one of NYC's coolest shops?

Last season designers Gypsy Sport, Ammerman Schlösberg, Steven Tai and Sam Mc took the dive and ended up getting a huge amount of exposure. Just take a look at what went down last time in the mini documentary below, and imagine your work strutting down the runway.

If you've been looking for an opportunity to show your creative genius to the world, hit up the VFiles website, submit your designs, and make it happen. We'll see you in February.

[via VFiles]