These Uniform Experiment x Carhartt hoodies are like regular Carhartt hoodies with a few added details that make it cost $315: namely, stitched on Uniform Experiment tags, some stars and an extra Uniform Experiment logo print behind the Carhartt logo. If those things seem worth it to you, then you should cop, dawgs. I'm kind of butthurt over the fact that they removed the drawstrings from the hood and just sort of made that decision without even consulting me beforehand. Some people don't like drawstrings, but I do. I chew on them because I am disgusting. When I was younger, my mom would sometimes intentionally take the drawstrings of out of my hoodies before washing them and then tell me she would put them back in after they were dry, which, obviously she never did because putting a drawstring back into a hood is easily in the the top 10 most challenging human activities.