Bruce Jenner has seperated with his wife, Kris, has grown a ponytail and is meeting the single life with the glorious fury of a mid-life crisis.

But did you know that the former Olympian and reality star has been dressing ridiculous for decades? And it didn't start by hanging out with Kanye and the Kardashian clan. When he was winning gold medals and becoming a national hero, Jenner was living large and dressing the part.

Even when he linked up with Kris, he was still living in the lap of luxury with silk robes, tasseled leather jackets, and taking the most awesomely questionable family photos of all time. It's hard to hate on someone who believes every situation is worthy of wearing a track suit. 

You may think he's absurb, but Jenner is a certified stunter. While you're making fun of his annoying family, you should also brush up on how he used to dress. Here are Style Tips You Can Learn From Bruce Jenner's Throwback Style.

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