Normally when I get emails directing me to Russian URLs, I tend to ignore them. But this one came from my editor, so I was, like, contractually obligated to click on through. AND BOY AM I HAPPY I DID. Did you guys know people rap in Russia? I KNOW, ME NEITHER. Did you also know some Russian rap dudes wrote a song entitled “GQ”? YEP. Timati, L’One and some dude named Sergei rap a whole bunch of Russian words about GQ and dressing up. I mean, I guess that's what's happening here. I don’t speak Russian, so I'm assuming based on the title of the song and the chorus that they’re rapping about buying gray suits and layering and pops of color and various buyer’s guides. You REALLY need to watch this video, if only for the white Russian version of Nate Dogg that comes in. Maybe that’s L’One or Sergei. I bet hanging out with L’One and Sergei is fun as fuck. I wonder how homie got the nickname “L’One”. Did Sergei give it to him? Gems like this always raise more questions than they do answers.