Sometimes I wish I could move to Japan and just wear Sophnet. all day every day. I would hang out at cool, tiny cafes that don’t have signs and drink matcha till like noon. Then I’d go to those cat cafes and kick it with some adorable Tokyo kittens. And then I’d eat really good ramen and tell all my friends in New York that “They haven’t had ramen until they’ve had it in Japan.” Actually I imagine living in Japan would be kind of difficult for me because the only Japanese I speak is none and I’m not that polite or courteous a person. This shirt from Sophnet is dope because it’s a flannel with a camouflage print over the plaid print. Which is cool, but your friends will be like, “Dude what’d you spill on your shirt?” and then when they get a little closer they’ll be like “Oh, you spilled camouflage and way too much money on this shirt.”