New York-based artist Ryan McGinness pulls from signage, advertising, and the graphics of the skate world from which he comes to make bold and expressive works that play with symbols, text, and meaning. A master of both iconography and typography, he has turned to Instagram to showcase his witty and abstract graphics. On the social media platform, he posts black-and-white text works "delivered to you for free" as his Instagram bio reads. These works fall in line with the artist's wordplay, and, like his other works, make us question the many meanings of slippery words and everyday symbols. 

A good majority of McGinness' Instagram consists of rather complex, conceptual ideas, which are difficult to comprehend. Oftentimes, however, the artist presents thought-provoking, feel-good messages to help get us through our days. An Instagram of rules for good living and daily #Instagood? Why wouldn't you want to follow him? Here are 25 Reasons Ryan McGinness is the #1 Artist You Should Follow on Instagram.

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