Riff Raff is something of a style savant. He puts together the most absurd and crazy outfits, and we love him for it. If you need another example of how gnarly he gets, the rapper recently did his best Rap Game John Wayne impersonation as he hit a dude ranch in a look that can best be described as "Versace cowboy."

If dad jeans are your thing, then you're going to be enthralled by Riff Raff's ensemble. He wears the lightest wash of jeans to roam the prarie, a pair of ostrich leather cowboy boots, a Western shirt that looks straight out of the archives of Nudie Cohn, a tipped cowboy hat, and to set everything off, a gratuitous gold belt buckle. 

Maybe Riff Raff will try and get his Hank Williams on and serenade his fans with tunes about eating beans and drinking lean, and his countless hoes helping him herd buffaloes. If anything, it will be way more entertaining than LL Cool J's country single.

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