There are some moments when you all you want to do is wear your coziest robe all day long. If you're not going to follow in Cam'ron's footsteps and walk around in your pajamas, your best bet is wearing Reigning Champ and United Arrow's subsidiary brand Beauty & Youth's collaboration for fall/winter 2013.

Canada's Reigning Champ and Japan's Beauty & Youth have a collection of three black and blue striped sweatshirts—a crewneck, a pullover hoodie, and a zip hoodie—but the star of the bunch is a  the full-length robe. You can either wear it with your feet kicked up chilling aroudn the crib or letting it drape and blow in the autumn wind as everyone bows down to your waviness and bravery at rocking such an advanced garment.

Every piece is made of comfortable heavyweight terry, and if you're not looking to stunt on robe-levels, you can get a high-quality sweatshirt that will hold you down through at least a few hoodie seasons.

The collection is now available from Haven.