Ya boy is a high-end intellectual, so naturally I'm all about expensive books right now. Expensive books about design? EVEN BETTER. This particular tome highlights the lives and works of Ray and Charles Eames. Before I started reading Dwell and got on Tumblr, I feel like I may have thought Ray was a dude because, well, Ray is a dude’s name. But now I know she wasn’t a dude at all. IF ONLY I HAD THIS TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR “EXHIBIT WITHIN A BOOK” BACK THEN. Shouts to Need Supply’s copywriter for the "exhibit within a book" line. DAMN THAT SHIT IS CLUTCH. Next time someone picks up this Rothko book I have I’m gonna be like, “Yeah, I bought it at the museum because it’s, like, an exhibit within a book.” That way they won’t think I buy hardcover books just to have something handy to roll my weed on.