Pusha T Says: "This is the way I support the brand, actually I don’t even wanna talk about it; can I send you an Instagram pic right now? Matter of fact, i don’t need to send you an Instagram pic, let me just text you this joint.

[A few moments later.]

"So, with Ale et Ange, the hats are just beautiful in looks. And it lets the whole world know you don’t give a fuck. When i think about matching, I’m gonna throw everything off with this. And the colors are not gonna go exactly together. They’re just not. Not with the outfit. Or if I’m just in one of my all black moods, and the reason I throw on a green, red, and yellow paneled hat for no fucking reason, it’s the pop of color that’s needed for every outfit and I think it just goes along with the rules of fashion today. It’s really no rules. And I don’t think that there’s a bolder way of saying that then putting it on top of your fuckin’ head."