Sydney-based artist Oli Holmes is the illustrator behind Electric Puppet. His works are meant to break up everyday routine and bring some humor into our lives. For his project, "Paper Graffiti," he installs miniature paper characters among cities across the world. From a stripper on a subway pole to a cowboy on a traffic light, his quirky drawings snap people out of their daily business, making them stop to appreciate the clever works. Holmes has also created a series of rapper portraits that play off of the musicians' song titles and names, hilariously casting them in everyday situations. For this series, called "Downtime," A$AP Rocky paints his walls purple and Earl Sweatshirt knits a shirt. Holmes' hilarious works are meant to be playful and funny, and they don't fail to delight. Check out his two projects in our Portfolio Review: Oli Holmes Shares Paper Graffiti and Rapper Portraits.

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