Supreme x Bruce Lee is the next in a long line of collaborations between the brand and awesome dead guys. Coming on the heels of the "meh" Basquiat collaborative effort, the Bruce Lee collection is equal parts success and brick. With a brand of Supreme's caliber and typically unwavering standard of artistic quality, it's somewhat disappointing that they used the same famous photo of the late film star on most of the items. It works well in instances such as the Sk8-Hi's, but looks like straight butt when dude's face is blown up 1000% on the front of a crew neck. And is it just me or are those all-over prints are giving you a headache? The strongest piece has got to be the coach's jacket, but, really, most things look awesome when they're black with simple white graphics printed on them, I guess. At the end of the day, aesthetic nitpicking aside, Bruce Lee was someone I'm actually comfortable referring to as a genuine badass and not just in the typical #menswear "he wore nice clothes and drank a lot" sense, but in that he actually broke down barriers and left a genuine one-of-a-kind legacy. Supreme x Bruce Lee is set to hit stores this Thursday, October 24th.