The state of New York has officially signed a law that gives models under the age of 18 protections they never received in the past. Under the Department of Labor, the new law will label all underage models as child performers. This means they'll receive benefits and protections in the form of more regulated working hours (nothing past midnight), study time, breaks, chaperones, and tutors. All of these will hopefully ensure the health and well-being of young models while they're putting in work.

Considering that this issue has been blatantly brushed under the rug by the fashion industry for years, it really is groundbreaking that a law set in stone has been passed. Child labor is an issue that always pop up involving young models, which goads the fashion industry into always making half-hearted attempts at reform. In the past, the Council of Fashion Designers of American asked to set the minimum age of models to 16, but models as young as 14 and 15 were still cast in runway shows and fashion editorials. 

The new law goes in effect in 30 days, and will be in full force by the time New York Fashion Week rolls around in Feburary. Hopefully designers, labels, and casting directors will fall in line with the new law, because this issue is a black eye the fashion industry has chosen to ignore. And besides, doesn't the industry want to check this off the list of serious issues it faces everyday?

[via New York Times]