Nas' new clothing line, HSTRY, launched last month, and he has big plans for the brand. In a recent  interview with Huffington Post, Nas laments on what's in-store for HSTRY in the future, how much input he has in the creative process, and why he decided to abandon his first clothing line, Willie Esco.

The clothing line, which is in collaboration with menswear blogger Grungy Gentleman, is leather-heavy, but based on what Nas learned growing up in NYC with his rugged sense of style. "My thing spans from my '90s wear, where it’s all military, it’s all fatigue-style stuff, but just make it higher end and current. And also, the athletic styles of that time," Nas said.

When collections like this come up, people wonder how much influence the big-time celebrity has, but in this case, Nas is hands on. As far as his input goes, Nas said it goes, "From picking out fabric to the designs."

We hope that Nas succeeds, his career is back on track, and his latest album, Life Is Good, is a banger from front to back. However, his success in the fashion field hasn't always been positive. With his previous brand, Willie Esco, Nas felt he didn't have the respect of his financial backers and supporters. "I saw the future of Esco being a $200 - $300 million company, but they didn’t," Nas said. "Those guys didn’t foresee the Sean John and Rocawear thing. They didn’t foresee it because they just weren’t in that head space."

But life really is good for Nas, he's already focused on spring/summer 2014. It's going to be interesting to see how he translates leather and flannel to the palm tree and relaxation vibe that summer brings. Bucket hats, anyone?

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