To be honest, the best vibes can be found around a campfire or on a long hike with some good buds. Canada's Muttonhead has taken advantage of its natural surroundings and taken its fall/winter 2013 collection into the great outdoors to put its 5-panels, chinos, waxed jackets, and sweatshirts, to a field test that chilling in the city can't provide.

Muttonhead is great simply because of its versatility. Taking a look through this editorial, you can easily see how dope the brand's clothes would translate into yoru steez whether you live in New York City or Iowa. Also, Muttonhead is one of the few brands able to operate with unisex clothing, and its pieces look just as great on the ladies as they do on dudes.

We don't expect you to fill up your wardrobe with items that are made for hiking in British Columbia, but if you're lucky enough to make it out the concrete jungle a few times this year, bring Muttonhead along. You won't look like the weirdo who brought every single piece of technical clothing and gear for the trip. You'll be the chill dude who unpretentiously drinks IPAs at the campsite all night.

Visit Muttonhead's website to get more information.