If you'd like to feel unstylish, take a minute or two to stare at this photo. A$AP Rocky and G-Dragon, two musical and cultural forces that have dictated global tastes and aesthetics in recent times, and who will surely continue to do so in the future, are straight chillin' together during Seoul Fashion Week. Even with different backgrounds and upbringings, we're sure that Flacko and YG's most stylish member were able to find plenty of common ground to talk about. After all, plenty of G-Dragon's favorite brands fell into labels we know for a fact Rocky fucks with.

This photo really is a Mount Rushmore of stylish forces. On the left is Jo Sung Min, one of the steeziest dancers in the YG crew. And on the right is Yanggeng, the stylist to the other style powerhouse in K-pop: 2NE1

Rumors were swirling that Rocky was going to show up at Seoul Fashion Week. In an interview with Fashion Week Daily, designer Kathleen Kye mentioned that A$AP Rocky was supposed to perform in Seoul, but plans changed at the last second. However, despite the swirling facts and mix-ups, thanks to Instagram it seems like Rocky will show up at the Korean Style Icon Awards, which goes down in a few hours. And since G-Dragon is slated to perform, we wouldn't be too surprised if two of our favorite style icons shared the stage.

Seriously though, if you're not up on the style icons influencing abroad, then you're slacking by keeping it local. Get up on G-Dragon and YG, and then you'll truly understand the craziness going down in this photo.