If you were alive in the late-80s through the mid-90s and owned a television, chances are you familiar with Tales from the Crypt. The television horror series was adapted from the comic books of the same name from EC Comics in the 1950s and went on to produce 93 episodes over seven seasons. To honor the work of EC Comics, Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas will open "It Didn't Rot Our Brains," a group art show with works inspired by the comic books and the television show, whose host the Crypt Keeper became a bit of a pop culture icon. Artists including Jason Edmiston, Florian Bertmer, Phantom City Creative, Ken Taylor, Kraken, and a host of others will celebrate Halloween in the best way by honoring the best horror show of all time. 

The show opens October 25 and runs through November 23. For more information, check out the Mondo Tees Facebook page.

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