And to think I was convinced Kanye was off that Margiela. Whoops. Not only is Mr. West wearing several different pairs of Margiela sneakers during his Yeezus Tour performances that kicked off Saturday night in Seattle, but according to The Telegraph, homie's wardrobe is mostly custom-made by the storied fashion house. Really? That tank top with the eagle on it seems like something my girlfriend would wear to a rooftop party in July, not something from the people who brought us "The Human Pants Tent".

More on par with the label's standard avant garde offerings are the various crystal masks worn during the show, which add to the hyper-stylized aesthetic and general precariousness I gathered from the set design. I mean, Kanye basically walks down a fake mountain on a 2 foot wide ledge with a mask obscuring what I imagine is roughly 99.5% of his vision. I get that Yeezus was a daring and ground-breaking album, but damn, my guy, you don't have to go full Daredevil and break your fucking face on the ground to prove it.