So a store in Austria named Grundtner & Söhne laced us with their F/Wi 13 lookbook, entitled "Kraft 2", and it is incredible. First of all, they got off to a great start by curating some of the best brands in the world—Our Legacy, A Kind Of Guise, Norse Projects, Études, Libertine-Libertine, Carven—then brought that shit to the next plane by juxtaposing the darker, minimal designs again fluorescent and neon backgrounds. We're also really feeling the whole meta pictures of pictures thing going on because it makes us feel smart even though we're just looking at pictures of men's clothing as per usual. If I had to guess, I'd say this lookbook takes place in Drake's apartment. My logic is as follows: Drake probably doesn't like harsh colors because, well, they're scary. I imagine he rocks exclusively with washed out hues and a toilet with a permanent hemorrhoid pillow. Plus, as you can clearly see, the Nothing Was The Same cover art has become to major motif of his living space.