Kanye West is on LA's Power106 radio show right now talking about the Yeezus tour, proposing to Kim Kardashian, freestyling, and more. Kanye's never been shy to talk about his creative philosophy and inspiration, which includes admiration for Walt Disney and Steve Jobs, an affinity for architecture, and a desire to do everything he can in and out of music.

Among the many quotables from his recent BBC Radio 1 and Jimmy Kimmel interviews, Kanye told Big Boy on Power 106, "The world can be saved through design, not politics." He continues to talk about how architecture influences him in detail saying,

"That's the beginning of what I'm saying when I talk about architecture. I hang out with architects. When I'm in Brazil, I'm walking around with the #1 architect, and we're just going to see these buildings.  

Think about this—you got these Instagram photos that are there today and gone tomorrow. These people have to build things that are there forever. To have an architectural mindset about the way I put information out there. That BBC interview is the beginning of a mentality and a world that I'm architecting that four-year-olds are gonna be inspired by in the future."

Beforehand, he said,  

"My perspective—I live in Paris. I have an apartment in Paris. I've worked with architects. I had a Claudio Silvestrin space for 10 years now. I was a little black boy with a Claudio Silvestrin minimalist space on Houston and Mercer. It just so happens that Mercer is basically the core of what streetwear is out in New York. My mom picked my place to be at the top of Fairfax, which happens to be at the core of streetwear out in LA. It's in my code. It's written for me to go and take that spot as a new Ralph, a new Marc Jacobs, a new Disney, a new Steve."

He continues to talk about having meetings with the founders of Instagram and Facebook. He didn't discuss his forthcoming logo, which is being designed by Peter Saville, but that will definitely be a design topic of conversation whenever it comes out. 

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