Kanye West Put Kim Kardashian on a Yeezus Tour T-Shirt

Kanye West Put Kim Kardashian on a Yeezus Tour T-ShirtImage via Xposurephotos

If the Yeezus Tour T-shirts caught you off-guard, here's a tee that you might have expected but will be totally shocked when you see it: Kanye West put his baby mama, Kim Kardashian, on a T-shirt for the tour. On the tee, Kardashian busts a pose with "Yeezus" placed across her chest, and Kanye was spotted in the tee before the tour kicked off in Seattle.

There's no word if this tee will be available for fans to buy during the tour, but Kanye has been claiming his girlfriend is a real star, and deserving of a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From the looks of the tee, Kanye believes Kardashian is the center of the show.

 [via TMZ]

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