Everyone wanted to kick Johnny Lawrence's ass in The Karate Kid, he was that big of a douche, but he's also part of our childhood nostalgia. And he was pretty badass. We can't go back to the '80s and relive our days of wanting to become a karate expert, but we can own Lawrence's Cobra Kai gi which he wore in the film. That's right, the actual gi. But it will cost you $100,000.

The website '80s tees is selling a gi that was worn by Lawrence, played by William Zabka, during the 1984 film. The gi comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, and will be the most amazing thing you can wear for Halloween. You won't simply pretend to look like a character from The Karate Kid, you'll actual transform into one. Now you'll just need the wavy '80s haircut.

If you have 100 racks to burn, click here buy the gi.

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