Do you ever try and plan out ideas that are going to have a huge impact like that?
Neima: That’s our mentality. Every time we design something, we want to make a statement. That’s the point of Pink+Dolphin. We’re unique, we use a lot of loud color schemes, and we started to use these colors when they weren’t popular and it was really risky to do so. This was before the South Beach LeBrons came out, before Nike and all these other brands started using these color schemes as well. A lot of brands will take a less risky approach and design things that are based around sneaker releases. We never took that approach, and I think that’s why we’re going to be around for a while because we didn’t follow anybody. We let other people adjust to what we did, and if they liked it, they liked it.

What’s next for Pink+Dolphin?
Neima: We design about a year ahead of time. Currently we’re working on Fall and Holiday 2014, so everyone can definitely expect a lot more categories of clothing and items. Denim is going to be a really big thing for us—we source the fabric from Spain and Italy, and it’s sewn here in the U.S. Our fleece is custom now, and we don’t use generic blanks like American Apparel. We also just opened a new flagship store in San Francisco. Our main goal for 2014 is to keep the brand going and provide the legends, we call our fans legends, what they want.

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