How did you first approach the Holiday 2013 collection?
Cena Barhaghi: With the Holiday collection I wanted to switch up our usual color palette to something that fit in with the aesthetic of the season. This led to using some earth tones, which in turn complement a lot of the outerwear pieces that were designed for Holiday. I also wanted to showcase that we can design and manufacture great winter outerwear pieces--something we haven't done before, and this was the perfect season to debut. This season is also the debut of Pink+Dolphin Denim, which has been in the works since we first started the company five years ago. Our denim is all made locally in Los Angeles and has some of the best fits and fabrics available.

So what’s it like being a West Coast brand and designing a winter collection with pieces that your East Coast fans want, but people in L.A. aren’t necessarily going to wear?
Cena: Earlier this year I traveled to Europe during their winter, and although I wanted to wear only Pink+Dolphin, I had no choice but to wear other brands' outerwear because our clothing hadn't been designed for colder climates. I decided to design an entire range of products for Holiday from lightweight fleece for warmer winter climates to much heavier pieces that will do well in sleet and snow. It works well for us because we have a big following on the East Coast and Europe, not to mention the people on the West Coast who will be traveling this winter.

In your collection, there’s a lot of prints. What was your influence for that?
Cena: Our brand started with t-shirts and that’s always been the backbone of the line, so prints continue to be the biggest category. The eye-catching prints are part of our brand legacy, they are our staple. The Holiday collection prints were our take on luxury menswear brands.

How did you decide to shoot the lookbook in the desert?
Neima Khaila: We use a dope photographer named Quang Le. Being on the West Coast, we had used a lot of Los Angeles scenery, so we went a little bit outside of that. We drove about four hours away, and took the team up there. We found this spot that had a lot of melted lava, really cool colored sand, gravel, and had a dope panoramic view. It was really his idea, and he’s part of our creative team.

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