Since 2008, Pink+Dolphin has been lighting up the streetwear world with its bold usage of color and unapologetic attitude toward making a statement. Brand co-owners Cena Barhaghi and Neima Khaila are all about giving their friends and fans something that they’d love to wear that’s created from their at-the-moment inspiration, and things that still drive them from the past.

For their Holiday 2013 collection, Pink+Dolphin is headed in a new direction and looking to expand on the foundation it’s already built. The brand is making denim, parka jackets, and waves in the streetwear world. But it hasn’t left its roots of Miami Vice-like colors behind.

The Pink+Dolphin crew went into the California desert to shoot this season’s lookbook, and let their clothes shine amongst the dreary background of sand and gravel. Don’t get it twisted—even though the clothes are printed and boisterous in nature, they’re also built to last. Pink+Dolphin has been increasing its quality as the brand has grown.

In an exclusive interview, Barhaghi and Khaila give us an inside look into their Holiday 2013 collection, as well as what it’s like running a budding streetwear brand. This story is not only inspiring for those who want to make it, but they also drop knowledge for those on the come-up. Pay attention to Pink+Dolphin, and here’s why you’ll be wearing the brand this year.

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