Everyone seems to be jumping on the minimalism train these days. However, if you find that monochromatic colors aren’t to your taste, HEX has a fail-safe pattern to help you continue upon your neck breaking ways.

Fresh off the brand’s HAZE collaboration, HEX connected with another artist. This latest partnership is with Singaporean artist Jahan Loh. For the unfamiliar, you may want to look into his very sexual Cherry Pop exhibition, but with that name alone, we think you get the idea.  

For this collaboration the prominent visual artist gives his take on the popular tiger stripe camo pattern. The result is three cool accessories that consist of a tote, rucksack-style bag, and an iPhone 5s case. Since camo’s new popularity is more about getting noticed than used for blending in, we’re digging how Jahan Loh turned his new canvases to catch more looks in the urban jungle. Visit the HEX website to get the collection.