Food Network's Guy Fieri fought his hairdresser this past Saturday, as per this crazy video courtesy of TMZ.

First off, we are shocked that the worst haircut in the world is the work of a professional.We'd probably be rooting for this hairdresser to catch hands if Fieri wasn't such a Grade A asshole. We can only assume that Fieri finally caught a glimpse of his bleached spikes in his X-treme mirrored shades, and was immediately prompted to destroy its creator for the good of mankind.

The footage is a little blurry, but you can see Fieri's hairdresser, Ariel Ramirez, throwing punches and swearing uncontrollably—and he appears to also be crying. Fieri, meanwhile, kicks back from inside the SUV. We can only imagine that his hair achieved Sayon levels of spikiness when his fury rose to kicking and screaming levels.

The two were apparently on their way back from the San Francisco airport. It's still unclear what caused the heated argument, which quickly turned into a physical battle, but Fieri's camp told E! News "a bunch of guys were messing around" and that though "things got a little out of hand" Fieri and Ramirez are "all good now." 

[via TMZ]