Drake's tank top may be a little longer than the cropped tank Marky Mark showed off in early '90s Calvin Klein jeans ads, but apparently that was the inspiration for part of Drizzy's tour wardrobe, which was made custom for him by Calvin Klein. In an interview with Billboard, CK designer Italo Zucchelli revealed the inspiration for Drizzy's custom Canadian tuxedo, saying the two "looked at some ‘90s photographs of Mark Wahlberg wearing denim for inspiration." 

So what was it like to customize a tour wardrobe for Aubrey Graham? According to Zucchelli, "It was very smooth and easy," just like Nothing Was the Same. Billboard made sure to ask the question that was everyone wanted to know: What was Zucchelli's favorite Drake track? “'Started from the Bottom,'" obviously. "It’s very anthemic."

[via Billboard]